Microwave Shortbread bars


I never would have believed you could use a microwave to replace an oven for turning out pastries from scratch. The idea negates all we’ve learned about the capabilities of the microwave and its limitations. Supposedly, it defies crisping, ruins texture, and produces a pallid taste in baked goods. But now there’s a trend in culinary circles to adapt recipes so they can be zapped to perfection in a few minutes.

Nancy Baggett—the multiple award winning baker and author of cookbooks featuring  breads, cookies and all kinds of desserts —has come up with a foolproof, fail proof super quick and easy recipe for “Magical Microwave Chocolate-Nut Shortbread Bars.” She calls them magical; I call them something of a delicious miracle. And now I’d like to introduce you to her mouthwatering blog, Kitchen Lane, and take you to the recipe for Magical Microwave Chocolate-Nut Short Bread Bars.

Click here!

Try it and let us know what you think. Then browse around the site for more simple-to-prepare off-the-charts-yummy treats.


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