From my just finished, not yet published book, Gravity Wins*  

                    *And Other Older, Wiser Conversations with God

Don’t Call Me Honey

 I don’t want the cashier calling me dear

And the pharmacist calling me honey

I don’t want to be asked if I’m up to the task

Of loading my car

If the parking’s too far.

Just take my money.


As you lean in to pour my vintage de jour

You call me young lady and wink

My age was unsung, when I really was young

But I know what I am

And how long I’ve been

So please, server, just leave the drink.


Oh, don’t patronize me

Don’t dare minimize me

I still do aerobics and jog

I lift eight pound barbells

Have most of my marbles

My head is not lost in a fog


My roots are still dark and I know how to park

I Facebook and iPhone and tweet

Sometimes on occasion, when I’m feeling brazen

My guy and I turn up the heat.


So please hold that pity

You pass off as witty

At my age I’m doing just fine

I’m nobody’s fool

This “young lady” is cool

So shut up and just pour the wine.

© Toby Devens 2018