Here is my tribute to all the readers who find themselves suddenly single and powering up to meet new challenges: 

One of Those Days

When I am having one of those days

Feeling lower than a worm’s belly

When I am subsisting on tuna forked straight from the can

and peanut butter and jelly

When I am counting the lines on my face

and marking the anniversary of the cat’s euthanasia

When I am down and out inadequate and suffering from terminal emotional dysplasia

I try to remember the things I’ve learned to do

since I’ve been on my own

and it doesn’t make anything significantly better

but, on the other hand, it doesn’t do any harm

to throw the old doggie a bone:

I can balance the checkbook

I can take the car to be serviced

I can put a washer in the faucet

I can keep my own feet warm in winter

I can carve a roast

I can eat alone

I can walk through the city at night undefended

I can go to a dinner for twelve unattended

I can make a martini

I can unstop the toilet

I can deal with the accountant

I can change the furnace filters

I can zip up my dresses, even when the zipper’s up the back

I can watch football games and understand most of the plays

And I can get, or at least I am getting the knack of

getting through one of those days.

© Toby Devens 2019