Lemon Pots de Creme


After a long, snowy winter, spring makes a welcome appearance with scents and colors designed by nature to lift the spirits and lighten the heart. Time, too, to shift from the thick soups, hearty stews and robust pies of colder days to food that reflects the sunny temperament of the new season. Think luxurious, fresh, and silky. Then take the surprisingly few steps to prepare what award-winning baker and cookbook author Nancy Baggett calls “maybe the best dessert ever:” I treasure-hunted through the archives at Nancy’s blog, Kitchen Lane ,for these Lemon Pots de Creme, but you can get the easy-to-follow recipe with one click.

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These lovely individual desserts with a French heritage are baked in a water bath to preserve their smooth texture and prevent the recipe’s egg yoks from curdling. Garnished with fresh fruit and whipped cream, they make for a stunning presentation at a special dinner or a sweet-tart surprise ending to an everyday meal. And while you’re at Kitchen Lane, have fun browsing the site’s contents for other fail-proof recipes that celebrate every season with mouthwatering treats.